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Amare Kids Mood+, Kids Mood Plus, Natural Saffron Supplement, Saffron Stigma Extract

Kids Mood Plus

Kids Mood Plus

Natural Saffron Supplement

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Crafted with the developing needs of children and adolescents in consideration, Kids Mood Plus is formulated to cater to their unique requirements. Numerous scientific investigations have revealed that the essential components within Kids Mood Plus offer notable advantages for enhancing mood, such as bolstering resilience against stress, optimizing cognitive abilities, promoting tranquility, improving concentration, and fostering positivity. All packed into a delightful, effortlessly digestible powder — an ideal choice for the younger generation.*

Kids Mood Plus Benefits:

  • Balances neurotransmitter function, regulating serotonin and dopamine levels within the brain*
  • Diminishes stress hormone production and inflammation*
  • Enhances memory retention and cognitive efficiency*
  • Promotes uplifted mood and heightened stress resilience*
  • Aids in fortifying the immune and circulatory systems*
Kids Plus Properties



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Kids Mood Plus – your ultimate solution to enhance your child’s mood naturally! This premium supplement is enriched with natural saffron stigma extract, carefully formulated to support emotional well-being in children. We understand the importance of nurturing your child’s mental health, which is why Amare has crafted a potent blend that harnesses the power of saffron – a time-tested ingredient known for its mood-enhancing properties. Our supplement is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of growing minds, providing a safe and effective way to uplift mood and promote a positive outlook. Say goodbye to mood swings and welcome a happier, more balanced child with Kids Mood Plus. Trust in our commitment to quality and purity, and give your child the gift of a brighter tomorrow. Experience the difference with Kids Mood Plus today!

Key Ingredients in Kids Mood Plus

Affron Saffron

Saffron Extract

  • Assists in regulating serotonin and dopamine function — the neurotransmitters associated with positive emotions*
  • Contributes to minimizing cellular harm*
  • Facilitates a balanced stress response by maintaining healthy cortisol levels*
Holy Basil

Holy Basil

  • Aids in regulating stress levels*
  • Facilitates a sense of tranquility for both body and mind*
  • Encourages the body’s innate anti-inflammatory mechanisms*
  • Bolsters resilience against feelings of anxiety*


  • Enhances cognitive concentration*
  • Alleviates muscle soreness*
  • Boosts immune system function*
Kids Mood Plus Overview with Dr. Shawn Talbott
Saffron Extract in Kids Mood Plus
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