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Amare Happy Juice On-The-Go

Happy Juice On-The-Go Pack


Spread joy wherever you go with the Happy Juice On-the-Go Pack, featuring the addition of MentaBiotics in a handy stick pack for easy portability.

Don’t forget to check out the NEW Happy Juice Mango with supercharged Nootropics and Lions Mane.

Happy Juice On The Go Benefits:
  • Boosts mood and drive and promotes gut health
  • Improves cognitive abilities and fuels productivity
  • Specific probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics.
  • Clean, sustainable energy without adverse effects.
  • Natural nootropics aiding motivation.
Whats in Happy Juice



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What is Happy Juice and How Does It Work?

Experience the joy of Happy Juice On-The-Go – a delightful concoction comprising three of our best-selling products – now in convenient On-The-Go packs. Rip off the top, and blend EDGE, MentaBiotics, and Energy+ with 8-16oz of water, and relish a single beverage to uplift your mood, tackle your day on the go! Listen to Doctor Shawn Talbott as he explains all

Happy Juice – Original

Amare Happy Juice Original with Edge and Mentabiotics

NEW! Happy Juice Mango

Amare Happy Juice Mango
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