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Amare Happy Juice Mango

NEW – Happy Juice Mango Pack


Introducing the latest exclusive Happy Juice Mango Pack! Based on the Happy Juice Original formula, This innovative two-part solution merges our top-selling MentaBiotics stick packs with our freshly enhanced nootropic, EDGE+ Mango. Packed with natural Lion’s Mane Mushroom, and natural caffeine, it’s designed to elevate your experience.

Happy Juice Mango Benefits:

  • Targeted probiotics and Prebiotic Fibres
  • Optimized gut-brain axis signaling with phytobiotics
  • Body and mind endurance boosted by Lychee Fruit
  • Enhanced neuron regeneration with Palm Fruit
  • Healthy memory and neuron regeneration plant based ingredients
Whats in Happy Juice



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What is Happy Juice Mango and How Does It Work?

Experience the joy of Happy Juice Mango – a delightful concoction comprising of two of our best-selling products. Just blend EDGE+ (plus) thats infused with Mango Leaf & Lions Mane Mushroom with MentaBiotics into 8-16oz of water, and relish a single beverage to uplift your mood, tackle your tasks, and cherish every moment of your day! Listen to Doctor Shawn Talbott as he explains all.

Happy Juice – Original

Amare Happy Juice Original with Edge and Mentabiotics

Happy Juice On-The-Go

Amare Happy Juice On The Go
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